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Happy Dinosaur is a marketplace connecting advertisers and ad space owners. Our concept is simple. Ad space owners (individuals/ businesses) can list and sell their ad spaces. Advertisers can efficiently find the best suitable ad spaces to reach their audience.  

Happy Dinosaur also focuses on unlocking the potential of under-utilised space for creativity and communication. We develop two products, CupTalk and TableTalk, helping to promote businesses to the local communities that they serve.

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CupTalk gives advertisers the opportunity to put brands directly into people’s hands. The average consumption time for a takeaway coffee is 20-30 mins, it is a great way to capitalise on a break time frame of mind communicating one-to-one with potential customers.


Our service allows you to choose your distribution network based on geographic locations.



TableTalk allows businesses to promote themselves on a coffee table. Benefiting from the fact that consumers are seated for a considerable amount of time, in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind with mobile devices are naturally on the table to drive response.


Through our platform, you can select a variety of table corner spaces to engage with your target audience.

Happy Dinosaur is your creative outdoor media partner. We specialise in unlocking the potential of idle space for creativity and communication.

Through our platform, we connect brands to consumers in creative ways, when they are enjoying coffee, having a meal or lining up at stores.

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Our vision goes beyond advertising on coffee cups and table corners, our platform is built to enable every business to find the most desirable space to connect with their locals easily and affordably. The potential of "space" is unlimited, from takeaway coffee cups and table corners in cafes and restaurants, to post offices, vacant stores and Ubers. The possibilities are endless.


Happy Dinosaur is still at its early stage and we would like to invite you to join our journey. Happy Dinosaur has been the winner of ilab program in University of Queensland in 2018. We have received cash prize and R&D support from ilab. We are also mentored by a number of experienced tech entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts.

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Please reach out to us if you have an idea to improve the utilisation of idle spaces or how we could work together!

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Please get in touch with us if you are interested in any or our service or have a suggestion to our business.

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